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For more than 40 years the cultural and educational association “I am O.K.” Paving the way for the recognition of artistic-dance expression by people with disabilities in the established art scene.

From the very beginning, the association’s activities have been equally effective and sustainable on both an international and regional level. Highlights from the early years include, for example, the performance at the White House on the occasion of the “Special National Art Festival” (1984), the cooperation with the German initiative “Aktion Mensch” between 1990 and 1994, including dance workshops in New Delhi (1993), as well as a close collaboration with the Vienna State Opera Ballet on various projects.

Highlights of the last years

Highlights from recent years were the opening and closing show of the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017, victorious participations in international dance festivals (Vienna, Moscow), artistic participation at the renowned ImPulsTanz festival, use of the Dance Assists at the Inclusion Congress in Dortmund, to name but a few.

The Opera Ball was O.K.

The recent participation of two “Ich bin O.K.” dancers, Maria Naber and Simon Couvreur, as a debutant couple with Down Syndrome at the traditional Vienna Opera Ball caused a particular sensation.

Apart from the numerous reports in German-speaking countries, the international media also reacted to this great event. From Italian, British, and French media to the American and Asian regions, there were reports about the “step towards diversity at Vienna’s Opera Ball”.

It was an evening on which the whole world looked to Austria and got an impression of what equal participation can look like. The Opera Ball debut of our dancers thus marks a milestone in the field of inclusion and we would like to use this opportunity to go out into the world. Because we see ourselves as Austrian ambassadors of inclusion, based on our many years of experience and successes achieved, and we would like to expand this function further.

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Dieser Beitrag ist auch verfügbar auf: deGerman

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