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Book Dance Assists for workshops, courses and dance theatre projects.
Die Dance Assists bekommen ihre Urkunden

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Dance Assists can teach dance together with a workshop leader.
Dance Assists are competent in the styles of Hip Hop and contemporary dance.
Dance Assists are „inclusion ambassadors“.
Dance Assists are also trained dancers.
They are often on stage and can also be placed with other companies for specific pieces.

Our offer:

1) workshops
In our workshops one or two Dance Assists work together with a leader and the participants on dance techniques, body awareness, creativity, presence and many other aspects of dance. The repertoire ranges from instructions on how to warm up properly to the teaching of individual movement sequences and the development of choreographers.

2) Holding of regular classes
Especially for pupils, regular dance units (e.g. in the subject movement and sports, in groups of inclination, in “non-binding exercises” or in afternoon supervision) have a positive influence on social skills, self-esteem, spatial experience and last but not least on the behaviour in a team and the interaction with other people.

3) Placement of artists
All Dance Assists are also qualified dancers with experience on stages at home and abroad and can be placed for individual dance and/or dance theatre projects.

Please address your inquiries to Maria Dinold (E-Mail) or to

Dieser Beitrag ist auch verfügbar auf: deGerman

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