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In order to further promote individual skills in the artistic field, in 2010 we also launched the “Ich bin O.K.” (I am OK) Dance Company founded. Dancers with advanced skills should be given the chance to work together with professional artists to develop their artistic skills. Through intensive training in small groups, the Dance Company creates challenging choreographies and full-length dance theatre productions.

We see the dance studio and the Dance Company as two complementary projects that exist side by side and through which each member can experience a targeted and personalized support. The dancers can thus also develop within our association and continuously face new challenges with growing skills.

The intensive class is a double course (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) for further qualification in two techniques (modern and hip hop dance). This class belongs to the dance studio courses – we also work on joint choreographies with the other courses.

At the same time, the basis for participation in the company productions is laid. (In exceptional cases it is also possible to attend only one course, but this may be subject to restrictions regarding use in company productions).

Participation in the next company production depends on the one hand on the dancers’ interest in dealing artistically with the respective theme and movement material. On the other hand, the demands the production makes on the ensemble are also decisive. The number of dancers is limited from the outset for organisational reasons.

For the company production the theme will be announced with sufficient advance notice (for 2022 this would be from spring 2020). The presentation of the contents will be described in LL (Easy Reading), so that the dancers can participate with their own ideas and prepare for the application procedure.

Most of the dancers have already trained in the studio for many years. With advanced dancing skills and ongoing stage experience they were then admitted to the intensive class.

In the regular classes they are taught different dance styles, with contemporary dance and Hip Hop dance being the main focus. In these techniques the following content is taught: Hip Hop Oldschool dance (Locking, Popping, Electric Boogaloo, Social Dance) and contemporary dance (Limon and Release techniques, Floorwork, Dance and Contact Improvisation).

In all classes, strengthening and stretching exercises are also included. Improvisation also plays an essential role in both dance styles and contributes significantly to the development of one’s own ideas and artistic expression.

An important part of our work with the Intensive Class or Dance Company is the annual Summer Dance Camp. During the two-week camp, the productions and performances scheduled for the coming year are worked out in a very constructive framework.

Through cooperation with international choreographers, dramaturges and also with artists without disabilities, we are constantly setting new impulses in the productions developed by the Dance Company. In this way we give our dancers the opportunity to work together with renowned artists, thus creating a link to the existing established art world and promoting exchange. Through the interdisciplinary combination of different stylistic devices, dance techniques and forms of performance, we want to transcend the boundaries between different genres and thus also promote the general interest in our art form.

We use external influences of the existing artistic scene to further develop the art form of dance theatre through innovative approaches and to create a modern, contemporary programme.

The success of the “I’m okay.” Dance Company adjusted quickly: Performances in Austria (Vienna, Innsbruck, Baden, Linz, Graz), as well as internationally in Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Turkey and also Albania followed. On these occasions we show among others “Moha in Dir” (2010), “3 Stories of Friendship” (2012), “Separated-Vereinint” (2014), “Kein Stück Liebe” (2016) and “Pal, mein Bruder! (2019).

Almost sold-out halls in renowned theatres such as the Theater für Junges Publikum Dschungel Wien, the Theater Odeon (Vienna), the ÖO Kulturquartier (Linz) or the Theater Akzent (Vienna) show that the productions of the Dance Company appeal to a wide audience. This public is very important for our work, because it does not only mean respect and recognition for our dancers, but also a sharpening of the awareness for the artistic expression of people with disabilities.

Major milestones in the work of the company were the participation in the ImPulsTanz Festival 2016 and 2017 as well as the opening and closing show of the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017 and the enactment of a debutante couple at the Vienna Opera Ball since 2018.

This not only expands the scope of artistic action, but also represents an important step towards an equal society in terms of society as a whole and social policy.

Dieser Beitrag ist auch verfügbar auf: deGerman

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