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2020: UN/gleich, aber jeder möchte


Kirin Espana, dramaturgy & choreography
Attila Zanin, artistic direction & choreography
Hana Zanin Pauknerová, dramaturgical & choreographic assistance

„UN/equal” is about the need to belong in conflict with the desire for self-realization. The starting point for the dance theater production was the following questions: Who am I really? What defines me? What would a world look like if we were all the same? On the other hand: How many lone wolves can a society tolerate?

The premiere should have taken place in March 2020 at the Schauspielhaus, Vienna, but was postponed to December due to the coronavirus pandemic and once again could not be performed.
Further cancellations: “eigenARTig” festival in Bremen in September 2020, Tanztage Dresden in April 2020 and 2021 and Tanzwochen Reutlingen in May 2021.

“UN/equal” was finally shown on November 6 & 7, 2021 at the InTakt Festival, Graz, and in December 2021 at the SpectACT Festival in Innsbruck.

Dancers: Simon Couvreur, Maira Horvath, Lina Hufnagl, Raphael Kadrnoska, Niklas Kern, Maria Naber, Anna Prokopová, Alexander Stuchlik, Sophie Waldstein

Pal mein Bruder auf Flickr

Pal, mein Bruder!

(Pal, my brother!)

Choreografy: Hana and Attila Zanin

Directed by Verena Kiegerl

“Pal, my brother!” tells the fairy-tale and yet true story of a disparate pair of siblings who had to flee from their home country. Jasmeet and Pal, sister and brother, as members of a minority, are marginalized anyway. The family is doubly stigmatized by the handicap of the son born with Down syndrome. In Austria, Pal is surprisingly discovered as a dancer alongside his sister and now performs on the country’s major stages. For both of them, a new life marked by a passion for dance begins.

Kein Stück Liebe auf Flickr

„Kein Stück Liebe“

(No piece of love)

Choreografy: Hana and Attila Zanin

Directed by Verena Kiegerl

In “Kein Stück Liebe” 11 dancers with and without handicaps deal with current world events that raise many questions and rarely provide answers. With the help of contemporary dance techniques and hip-hop dance, meaningful, moving images are created, which are intended to stimulate reflection. Without judgement or conclusion, we present a process of debate that motivates us to look at the difficulties of life with humour, ease and hope. Because in the end love must win!

Getrennt–Vereint auf Flickr 2

„Getrennt-Vereint“ (2014)

(Separate – United)

Choreografy: Hana and Attila Zanin

World premiere in October 2014 at Ursulinenhof/Linz

„It doesn’t matter what divides us as long as we are united by humanity.“

Dance and theatre are a world language and yet so different in themselves. Modern Dance and HipHop Dance, two separate groups/ subcultures, different dance styles and a different way of presentation meet. Towards the end the dance groups unite and transform their individual skills into common strengths.

Drei Geschichten über Freundschaft auf Flickr

„Drei Geschichten über Freundschaft“ (2012)

(Three stories about friendship)

„Gehen“ (Going)
Choreografy: Milli Bitterli
„Doppelgängerin“ (Double)
Choreografy: Nicole Berndt-Caccivio
„Alle für einen, einer für alle“ (All for one and one for all)
Choreografy: Hana und Attila Zanin

World premiere in Juni 2012 in Vienna
Further performances at various theatre and cultural festivals in Belgium and Germany

In the three sequences, impressions of different friendship pictures are artistically staged. It is about mutual giving and taking – overcoming personal inhibitions and prejudices. In the foreground is the search for recognition, love and the deep desire “to be allowed to be as one is”.

Moha in Dir auf Flickr

„Moha in Dir“ (2010)

(Moha inside you)

Choreografy: Hana and Attila Zanin

World premiere in July 2010 in D’Avinyo near Barcelona
Further performances at theatre and cultural festivals in Prague and Linz

The inclusive dance performance “Moha in you” is about the confrontation with one’s own abilities and limits. The focus is on individual expression and interpersonal relationships.

Dieser Beitrag ist auch verfügbar auf: deGerman

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