Dance Company 2020 „IN/EQUALITY“

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Preview: November 8, 2020, 6 pm
InTakt-Festival, Kristallwerk, Graz
Tickets (15,- / 10,- Euro) via

Premiere: 9. Dezember 2020, 19 Uhr
 1090 Wien, Porzellangasse 19
Further performances: 10., 11. & 12. Dezember, 19 Uhr
Tickets are available here
(Normal price 25,- Euro / over 60 – 17,- Euro / under 30 – 15,- Euro)

School performance: 11 December, 10 am
Tickets via or via our reservation form.

Patronage:  MAYOR Dr. Michael Ludwig


Probefoto „UN/GLEICH“What would the world look like if we were all equal? On the other hand: How a society can tolerate a lot of misfits? – „IN/EUALITY“ is a socially critical play about equality and inequality, which is intended to inspire young audiences in particular to question themselves and their own ideas.

Those who reflect little on their own actions and blindly strive to belong run the risk of being particularly strongly influenced and guided by the masses or supposed authorities. Nevertheless, we all notice again and again the need to be part of a larger whole, be it a religious community, a party or the group of popular people in the schoolyard. And we encounter a paradox: while we strive for uniformity, we feel the greed to be special.

Nine trained dancers with and without disability

Six trained dancers with disabilities and three professional dancers without disabilities choose the motif of (in)equality in the production “UN/EQUAL, but everyone wants” as the starting point for a deeper examination of the universal human need for belonging. Confronted with the identity-forming question of “Who am I?”, they inevitably want to find out how much of oneself is actually preserved in the social fabric. 
Ruthlessly, the group focuses on their own behaviour patterns and motives and also invites the audience to self-reflection.

The Dance Company asks itself big questions on stage like: Who am I really? What makes me different? What about my personality is socially constructed and what is not?
Contemporary dance theatre with urban styles and live rap.

Dancers & Live-Rap

DANCERS: Simon Couvreur, Maira Horvath, Lina Hufnagl, Raphael Kadrnoska, Niklas Kern, Maria Naber, Marina Rützler, Alexander Stuchlik, Sophie Waldstein
Live-Rap: Markus Samek

Probefoto „UN/GLEICH“

Leading Team

  • Kirin Espana, dramaturgy & choreography
  • Attila Zanin, artistic direction & choreography
  • Hana Zanin Pauknerová, dramaturgical & choreographic assistance

Dieser Beitrag ist auch verfügbar auf: deGerman

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