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In our “Ich bin O.K.” dance studio, which currently has over 100 members, we offer 20 courses of different dance styles six days a week. These include modern dance, hip hop dance, breakdance/boying, children’s dance, musical dance and a course especially for wheelchair dancers.

In these courses, trained choreographers and dance teachers work together with people with and without disabilities to further develop artistic forms of expression. The dancers learn techniques that they can develop further during the semester, try out choreographies, take part in activities that strengthen the sense of community and also practice free dance and improvisation.

We offer all interested dancers from the age of three years the opportunity to gain their first artistic experience on a wide variety of levels and to expand their existing dancing skills in the corresponding courses. Our pedagogical and artistic concept is especially oriented towards the individual life circumstances, abilities and personal interests of the dancers. The artists not only profit from this concept on stage, but also gain important skills for their everyday life.

Dancing in skill-mixed groups opens the view for individual strengths but also for individual support requirements. The training program always requires flexible, differentiated design of the contents and didactic procedures.

In addition, the focus of the dance studio is above all on the joint development of dance theatre productions, which are always performed alternately with the Dance Company in a two-year rhythm. In the studio productions, the dancers of all O.K. groups are actively involved in the creation of the piece.

An intensive examination of the leading theme of the annual production is undertaken together with the professional choreographers and teachers and the dancers.  Thus, within each team a very individual interpretation of the theme is developed. The diverse ideas on movements and forms of dance expression are finally combined into a joint choreography, creating a total work of art that enables all participants to enjoy a unique and authentic stage experience.

Since 2015 we offer for our dance studio members. The daily routine allows for a very targeted and intensive training, which finally results in a high-quality dancing performance on stage.

In all our productions, we select the topics in such a way that they are relevant for the dancers themselves, but also convey current socio-critical thoughts and have a clear reference to the present. For example, we have so far dealt with the possible negative consequences of technical innovations or the true value of friendship that can arise between very different personalities.

In addition to the large, full-length dance theatre productions, smaller choreographies are also tested during the course hours. The dancers of the dance studio present these choreographies in about 15 performances per year within Austria at fairs, congresses, festivals and various public events. During the course of the year, however, we try to alternate the performances between Dance Company and Dance Studio, thus enabling all dancers to continuously present their skills to the public.

Dieser Beitrag ist auch verfügbar auf: deGerman

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