Our philosophy

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ART FOR A CHANGE! True to this motto, we have made it our business to integrate people with and without disabilities into cultural life and to promote social inclusion through artistic activity. In our dance courses we welcome everyone with an interest in movement, dance and community; regardless of gender, age, origin or personal requirements. Our work is therefore also characterised by interculturality and gender justice – because it is precisely attributes such as diversity and diversity that enrich our society and need to be promoted.

Our goal is the active, equal participation of people with and without disabilities in social and cultural life! Therefore we put the perception and recognition of the dancing expression of people with and without disabilities in the foreground of our work and try to provide our dancers not only with a platform but also with the necessary techniques, methods and skills for an active participation in artistic creation.

It is our goal to provide all our dancers with an artistically valuable and challenging dance education! In order to support all members according to their individual requirements from the very beginning, we have developed and refined various artistic and pedagogical concepts in our dance studio. Through the methods we use, we offer our dancers the opportunity to develop creatively, to expand their sophisticated techniques and to grow with their own success.

Our goal is to support dancers with advanced skills in a more targeted way and to develop aesthetic and professional forms of performance together! In order to intensify the artistic performance in the “Ich bin O.K.” work out Dance Company Dancers with advanced skills together with guest dancers, external choreographers and international artists create individual, full-length choreographies. Through their constructive influences we build bridges between existing art forms and our interpretation of inclusive dance theatre. The result of this collaboration is a very high quality artistic performance by all participants, which also contributes to increasing the interest of a broad public in our art form.

Our aim is to raise awareness of socio-politically relevant issues through contemporary dance theatre! The artists inspire the audience again and again with their outstanding dance and performance achievements and show how much fun they have with these performances. That is why it is also important to us to give the dancers the experience of being able to present their performances at home and abroad and on different stages. By making dance visible to the public, we use it as a medium to raise awareness of an inclusive society, but also of numerous other current socially critical issues.

It is our goal to ignite the enthusiasm of EVERYONE for dance and theatre and thus contribute to a better quality of life! Dancing connects and dancing changes. We wish for a sustainable and comprehensive improvement of the living situation of all people through dance and a society in which diversity meets openness and acceptance.

Dieser Beitrag ist auch verfügbar auf: deGerman

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