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About the cultural and educational association „Ich bin O.K.“
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The cultural and educational association „Ich bin O.K.“ was founded in 1979 by Dr. Katalin Zanin. Since then its goal is to enable disabled and non-disabled people to be equal within the cultural life of our society. Our dancing lessons, which take part once a week, are open to people of all age groups, with our without disability. 
Due to the pedagogical and artistic concept of our association, the dancers have the opportunity to visit the „Ich bin O.K.“ dance studio and choose from 20 different classes the ones that fit best their personal interest, dancing experience and abilities. 

Dance studio: productions

  • Flötenzauber (2019)
  • Übern Zaun schau‘n (2017)
  • Aladins Erkenntnis (2015)
  • Ostside Story (2013)
  • Der Zauberer von OK (2012)
  • Welterschöpfung (2011)
  • Das tanzende Haus (2010)

In addition to our dance studio the inclusive „Ich bin O.K.” Dance Company was founded in 2010 by artistic directors Hana Zanin Pauknerová and  Attila Zanin. It was established as additional dance class in order to promote dancers with advanced skills and help develop their individual abilities. Together with professional artists, the Dance Company rehearses sophisticated techniques and full-length choreographies, which already have gained very positive response in Austria and abroad.

Dance Company: productions

  • UN/GLEICH, aber jeder möchte (2020)
  • Pal, mein Bruder! (2018)
  • Kein Stück Liebe (2016)
  • Getrennt-Vereint (2014)
  • Drei Geschichten über Freundschaft (2012)
  • Moha in Dir (2010)

Dance Assists

Dance assists are young dancers with learning difficulties and with a professional education, created by „Ich bin O.K.“. The are able to assist a dance pedagogue  in workshops. They have professional skills in hip hop dance and modern dance. They have experience in performing shows and dance theatre. Dance assists are ambassadors of inclusion. 

A video says more than 1000 words

Take a look at our videos on YouTube.

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